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Showing wethers can be stressful, hair raising, and just down right outrageous if you donít have the right information. Thatís why we are here! We want to make your wether showing experience just the opposite... fun, exciting, rewarding, and most of all... addicting!

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  Interesting Articles
Market Goat Direction
Author: Dale Schlundt, AMGA Certified Judge.
A couple whose child had a goat in the show came up and asked me, "What direction did I think the goat industry was going?"
More >>

Meat Companions
Studies show that the goat meat industry is the fastest growing livestock industry in the United States. The main reason is that the goat meat industry is not looking for someone who is willing to try an unknown meat for the novelty of it, as the buffalo and ostrich breeders have been. Meat goat producers are not raising an 'exotic' product. Goat meat is already eaten by 70% of the population of the world... More >>

ABGA Awarded EPD Grant
"This new program being implemented by the ABGA is the first of its kind within the U.S. meat goat industry," said Dr. Dan Waldron TAES geneticist here. "EPDs provide measurable estimates of the genetic value of an animal as a parent. This program will make a real difference for U.S. goat producers in terms of selecting breeding stock for specific measurable traits."... Breeders' Directory
  CLICK HERE   for the comprehensive searchable breeders' list with logos, cities, states, farm names, persons' names, and text descriptions

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