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Do you have an awesome trick to make a wether stand out for the judges? If you are a seasoned veteran of showing wethers, we want your knowledge!

What Is A Boer?

Tip of the Month

[Email] Abbie

Spend lots of time with your goat before showing, it helps them relax a little bit.

[Email] Kim Cooper

Beard & Mustache trimmers: One of my favorite pieces of show equipment is a small pair of beard and mustache trimmers. They are much easier to use around hocks and hooves and come with various blade guards that can be used in a pinch when you notice one of those spots that got missed when you clipped. They are also much less intimidating around the face and ears than my Premier clippers that I use on the body.
Peanut butter and jelly: We teach our little ones to remember a pb&j sandwich when they are in the show ring. The judge and the goat are bread, the child the peanut butter and jelly. This helps them remember where they are supposed to stand in relation to the judge and also allows for a little discreet coaching from Mom while they are showing.

[Email] Dana

About 5 minutes before my class i place a ice cold sham or blanket on the goats loin to make it hard. I found that it works really well and pays off in the show ring.

[Email] Garret VonKrosigk

I show my market wethers around Jackpots in Wyoming, County Fair, and at The Wyoming State Fair. At the shows I go to, lifting a goat off his front legs to express muscle defenition is prohibited. Instead I place my hand between the front legs and gently lift off the ground about 1 inch. It expresses muscle and most judges allow it. To shave my goat I use clippers made for goats. They are made by Premier and have different blades. I shave my goat the day before the show. They look PERFECT. I feed my goats sunglow show goat feed. I start them out at 3 months and feed them all they can eat, with some cobb mixed in. Then I feed each goat 1.5 lbs of sunglow with sunglow power up that you can get from a retailer or co-op store. The night before the show I feed each goat .4lbs of food the next day their muscle stands out and is defined better. I wash them with a hair expressing shampoo so their hair looks better. Before I enter the ring I spray some non-oil based show products on them to make them stand out.

[Email] Cathy Botchlet

I showed horses while growing up and spent many hours clipping them. I use several of the same techniques on the goats. I like to clip the face and ears really good including inside the ears, outside the ears, the chin and lips. I think this gives an extra smooth look to them. I also trim the pastern and top of the hoof with scissors. This helps their pastern appear stronger and straighter and their feet look really straight. I also clip their belly hair really short and straight.I always bathe our goats in EZALL shampoo with a little bit of bluing shampoo added. We had some fungus problems in our area. Once our goats showed one spot on their noses we started putting hand sanitizer on daily and using Pink Wound also known as Pink Lady by some vets, every other day. We saw results within a week. The fungus dried up, hair loss occurred but no spreading to the back as many fungus do. Good luck and have fun!

[Email] Alexandria

Do NOT use yellow soap to wash your goat in. It will make their hair have a yellow tint to it. Also, on show day, if you have some stains that just won't come off put some baby powder on them.

[Email] Stephanie Benefield

My son shows in 4-H shows around TN with his wether "Yoda". He uses animal crackers to get him to "stack out". Yoda placed Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion 6 out of 9 shows. He has 12 1st place, 9 2nd place, and 4 3rd place. Animal Crackers do the TRICK for us.

[Email] Anna Dodds

I've noticed that (me too) people like to clip thier goat the day before a show. This is ok but if your goat has freckles and the hair is too short then you can see them. I like to clip my goat about a week and a half before the show. This way the hair has a chance to grow back just a perfect length. Also, if your clippers leave tracks (lines) you have time for them to grow out. As for those stray hairs and also to reduce lines you should bathe your goat before you clip him. The trick is not to let him dry all the way, just make sure he is damp. This way the hair stands up so you get a perfect length cut and minimal lines.

Cummings Goat Ranch in Campbell, TX
I raise wethers for 4H projects and have noticed a lot of disbudded wethers at local shows who have unsightly scurs. I thought this information might be useful.

Scurs - small pieces of horn that grow back after a kid was disbudded (horns burned off).

Usually, this is because the iron was not hot enough or not left long enough on the goat. Some people do not wait long enough between kids to allow the iron to reheat and end up with scurs down the road. Scurs can occur even if a good job of disbudding is done.

What many people do not know is that most of the time you can twist off the scur with a pair of pliers, if you catch it early enough. You will need to clip the hair around it first so that the goat is not caused any unnecessary pain.

Next, you should check the scur to see if it is attach to the head or not. If the scur will move around independent of the head, then it is OK to twist off. If it feels connected to the skull, then you may have to re-burn it. When attached to the skull, the horn will bleed excessively when removed and endanger the goat if not properly done. If the horn does not feel connected to the skull, then you can twist the scur with a pair of plier in a quick circular motion.

Usually, the scurs will not come back after you have twisted them off. This should be done before the scur gets over 1/2 inch long. The clean head looks much sharper in the show ring and also reduces the chance for future injury caused by butting heads with another goat.

The best practice is to check the animal when you purchase it and then couple more times until you are sure that he does not have any scurs.

Alexandra Williams:
Make your goat get noticed in the showring.

"Leads"... NEVER show with a lead. It makes you have no control over the goat's head and he is more likely to act up in the ring. Use a chain and practice at home. You will impress a judge when you walk an obedient goat into the ring with two fingers.
"RING CROWDING" If someone crowds you in the ring, move your goat out of the line about 6 in. foward. The judge needs to be able to see every angle of your goat that he/she wants to see.
"WASHING" Don't wash your goat show day if the weather is chilly . Just clip them two or three days before and put a coat on them. They will "bunch" up and and not be natual in the ring. If you need to, spotwash them show day.

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